A few interesting beliefs associated with diamond cross pendants

A wonderful gift that reflects love and affection, diamond cross pendants works as a perfect gift for someone you love. Gifting pendants is the best way to express your feeling to someone. It is a marvellous piece of jewelry that every female would like to add in her collection.

The best part is that there are certain beliefs associated with these pendants, making them popular worldwide. Let’s have a look at the major ones:

These pendants have symbolic importance due to the cross which is related to crucifixion of Christ.

  •     It is also a common belief that the designs of the pendants have been derived from Jewish artifacts.
  •     The pendants with Maltese cross are also very popular as they indicate loyalty, bravery, glory, honour and respect for Christianity.
  •     Another belief is that the cross design has been derived from asterism of constellation.
  •     There are four stars that come together to create this shape of diamond. The name of the stars is Beta Carinae, Theta Carinae and Omega Carinae, Upsilon Carinae.
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