Do you know how to shop for diamond gem bracelets?

Tennis bracelets are popular choice among women for embellishing their wrists. The bracelet got its name from the Tennis legend Christ Evert.If you are searching the market to buy gem bracelets, then consider following factors first:

  • Diamond tennis bracelet gems come studded in multiple metals that range from sterling silver to platinum, and white and yellow gold in 10k or 14K. Generally sterling silver is the most expensive one in this category. So decide first which metal to go for, and which one would compliment your skin tone.
  • The measurement unit for diamonds is carat and one can find bracelets in varying sizes and weights. Make sure to check out its quality and observe how the bracelets look in multiple lighting.
  • Setting is the part in which a diamond is placed to secure it firmly. Diamond bracelets come available in multiple settings. A few common ones are S setting that separates each diamond and bezel one which is characterized by circular metal framing the gems. So decide which setting would look pretty on your arm.
  • The last thing to remember is to measure your wrist size, so that the bracelet fits you like a dream. Most of the tennis bracelets are 7 to 8 inches long. Make it a point to check that bracelet is not too loose or too tight.
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