Woo Your Girl With A Shiny Diamond Jewel!

Ladies love stacking their vault with beautiful jewelry accessories! That is the reason why diamond jewelry is the ultimate gift for women.

Here are the most popular options-

Necklaces-For those who want to gift a piece that gives a sense of style and class, neckpieces are the perfect choice. With so many options to choose like diamondLadies love stacking their vault with beautiful jewelry accessories! That is the reason why diamond jewelry is the ultimate gift for women. Here are the most popular options-

Earrings-This is a simple gifting option. Variety of options is in it such as hoop earnings, traditional hangings and more. Buy a piece that will match to her attire and glamorize her personality.

Bracelets- To bind your beloved with everlasting bond of love, there can be no other better gifting options besides bracelets. You can go for either of the options like gold, silver, diamond. If you want to reinvigorate your relationship, buy diamond bracelets for your love nothing can be a perfect choice than it

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Three Most Popular Diamond Bracelet Styles for Women

Accessories that women include as part of their fashion statement, plays an important role in their overall appearance. A diamond bracelet is one of the graceful pieces of jewelry that every woman wants to include in her accessory.Women of all ages and sizes adore it because it makes them look more confident and stylish. Moreover, the beauty of a diamond does not reduce in any way, shape, or form.

When selecting, some of the most common types of these bracelets are:

Tennis: These units are defined as a flexible wristband with a clasp that has a row or diamond or valuable stones. You can wear them casually because of their flexibility. It is an expensive choice and can cost you lot of money depending on the size and quality of stones.

Bangle: These units are rigid rings that slip over the hand onto the wrist. Different materials such as gold, silver, gold, plastic, wood, and leather are used to create these ornaments. These bracelets are popular from famous personalities to schoolgirls and is usually reasonably priced.

Charm: Gone are the days, when only younger girls used to wear these bracelets. Today, even mature women are wearing this bracelet to enhance their beauty. These jewelry ornaments usually start with a wrist-size that holds charms, or small pieces that you pick as the wearer.

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4 Ultimate Tips You Definitely Need to Know When Buying Diamond Rings

A diamond ring is the ideal gift for occasions such as wedding, birthdays, wedding anniversary, and many other occasions. There are many options to choose from and to make the final decision can be daunting.

Consider tips given below to help your search:

1. Every woman is different, so as their preferences. Some of the women prefer gold jewelry, while others love to own white gold and platinum. You may want to check her necklace, earrings and bracelets to find out if she prefers gold or silver color. It will be easier for you to take the decision about type of metal.

2. You must know her well in order to make the most accurate selection. Hence, you must know if she is a bold, a classic or a modern woman. In simple words, you must know if she is funky, shy, eccentric, elegant, urban or modern. Therefore, it is critical to make sure that the diamond ring you select for her must reflect her personality.

3. Most popular and stylish diamond shape is round, but again you need to keep an eye on her everyday jewelry to find out if she prefers square, pre-shaped, or cluttered. Depending on her interest, you can go with the ring of a solitaire diamond or the one made of cluster of diamonds.

4. Many people tend to ignore this one. You must pay attention to the fact that whether she has small or chubby hands and fingers. All diamonds will look nice, if she has long and sleek fingers, but if she has small hands and fingers, diamond like marquise will be the ideal choice.

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Quality Tips to Find an Engagement Ring that Will Speak Your Heart!

If you have decided to get engaged, it is going to be a memorable of your life. Buying a diamond ring is a perfect way to show your love and care. Selecting a diamond ring for your engagement is not an easy task, especially at start. These rings are considered as symbol of love, trust, and faith. It is a ring that she will wear on the third finger of her left hand and is a sign that she is getting married with love of her life.

Hence, you need to make your selection with caution and read following tips to make a right purchase:

1. When buying an engagement ring, you just cannot afford to miss on the 4C’S of diamond because it will determine the cost and value of the diamond. 4C means that cut, color, clarity and carat.

2. There are three popular metals available in engagement rings and you need to select one for your ring. These three types are white gold, yellow gold, and platinum.

3. Finding the correct settings of the ring is another crucial factor to consider, as there are six popular settings available in these engagement rings. You need to select one based upon the choice of your love.

4. Before you make the final decision, you need to make sure that you consider style and personality of your partner. It should compliment her personality just about perfectly to make her feel special.

However, you must have the correct size of her ring finger to make sure that you do not commit any silly mistakes. Use tips mentioned above to find you a fascinating diamond ring that she will wear rest of her life.

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Interesting ways to team-up tennis bracelets with other diamond jewels

To pair up a diamond bracelet with earrings, go for studs. Large dangling chandelier-like earrings work best for occasions when they are enough to make a statement on their own. Stud earrings look absolutely elegant when worn with a silver diamond bracelet. This arrangement will accentuate the beauty of each jewel without overpowering the attire with too much sparkle or glitz.

Another wonderful companion to a diamond bracelet is necklace. To make a good pair choose the metals rightly. White gold, platinum and sterling silver make wonderful combination. You can mix yellow gold up with other gold-toned or double-toned metals. You can also wear a platinum bracelet with a simple while gold chain. Add a sleek diamond pendant for women to add a fine amount of dazzle.

Next option is a ring which sits closely with bracelets therefore it is best to go for simple rings, so that it doesn’t overpower its beauty. A diamond ring is also a good option but do not go for over dramatic cocktail rings studded with extravagant embellishments and gemstones. Such rings will steal all the focus from the bracelet.

Not many people think of teaming up bracelets with brooches, so it will give you a unique look. People wear brooches on scarf, handbags, shawl and sweater, and so it will create a perfect balance of glitter throughout the ensemble.

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3 Most Romantic Diamond Pendant Gifts for Your Lady

Diamonds are symbol of love, affection, care, and trust. A diamond pendant is one of the most amazing pieces of charms that every woman wants to own. Such pendants make them look more beautiful and stylish and it lifts their self-esteem as well. These ornaments are available in different styles and designs. While buying diamond pendants for women, consider three recommendations mentioned below:

Key Pendant: If you want to leave a magical effect of your gift on your lady, you should select a key pendant for her. This ornament is a symbol of mystery, privilege and secrecy. Your gift will make her feel more feminine and can also convey a message that you are ready to hold the key to her heart.

Heart Shaped: Showing love towards a woman has never been easy, but this romantic gift can do it for you. Make her feel that she is the most special person in your life by selecting a perfect style and design from vast available variety.

Cross Pendant: It is considered to be the sign of trust in the almighty and hope hanging close to her heart. It is one of the most valuable and heart touching gifts that you can buy for your love.

These are three most popular selections, but if you want to explore more, there is no shortage of variety. You can make a final selection based on taste of your lady and your preferred budget.

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Top occasions best celebrated by giving a diamond jewel

Engagements, anniversaries, and weddings are all beautiful and romantic occasions. Presenting your loved one with a diamond heart pendant on one of these days will say a lot about your feelings towards her.  It will be a meaningful gift especially when the pendant is heart themed.

Next occasion is birthday. Often people fail to decide what would constitute as right present for your beloved lady. But this piece of jewel is never going to disappoint her, and is in fact more than perfect gifting option for women of all age groups. Whether you want to surprise your 20 year old daughter, 26 years old girlfriend or your mother, a diamond ornament will make her day.

There are so many holidays round the year that call for gift shopping. A heart pendants studded with a diamond is quite appropriate for occasions like Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Hanukkah.

There are times when people achieve certain milestones and accomplishments in life. Those are the times there are celebrated with gifts. Diamond jewels are the best way to celebrate milestones like getting a new job, welcoming a new baby in house, graduation, or a recent promotion. The recipient of the gift will feel special, admired and all the more encouraged.

Sometimes a gift least unexpected is the best one. Present your beloved spontaneously with a diamond jewel as a way to thank her for being a part of your life. Go shopping one day and give her a beautiful surprise.

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The most versatile of all styles of rings – solitaire

The literal meaning of word solitaire is one. A solitaire diamond doesn’t have accent stones, side stones, or gem embellishments. The most prominent feature that best describes this ring style is that it has only one diamond placed on the band.

Buy engagement rings onlineThe glitter and brilliance of the rock is not shared with any other smaller diamonds. The stone dominates the beauty of the entire ring, and is the sole reason of its brilliance and elegance.

Another essential feature that makes a solitaire ring stand out is its setting. The stone is embedded on the metal band in a way which puts the brilliance of the stone at the forefront making it look all the more prominent.

The most common settings used for making a solitaire ring are prong and bezel. The reason why these settings are used is because they allow the light to fall directly on the stone in a way that allows maximum illumination.

When it comes to engagement rings, solitaire remains a timeless and classic option. Through the years, it will continue to look ageless, and can be passed down to coming generations. This style of ring is so popular that many Hollywood celebrities can be spotted wearing solitaire rocks.

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Surprise your beloved with dazzling Diamond Jewelry!

We often hear, ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’! So, if you have been looking to surprise your girlfriend/wife/friend/mother, go ahead and give her a beautiful diamond jewelry item!

No matter what is the occasion, nothing can be a better option than diamond jewellery. Just imagine look on her face, when you would gift her a gorgeous diamond jewellery piece.

An exquisite range of diamond pendants,rings, necklaces for women are available in online stores. You can select and get it wrapped for your love to show commitment of life to her.

If you are going to propose love of your life or planning to present it to your wife on your first wedding anniversary, it would truly be the best thing to do, to show your love.

However, before making a decision, do a thorough research. You can go for a jewelry store or search online. While finalizing a diamond piece, be it a ring, pendant, or necklace; consider its cut, clarity, color, carat, and pricing.

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Do you know which jewel would suit you the most

Women can spend hours and hours on getting dolled-up. Among everything else, jewel selection is one big challenge, ladies generally have to deal with, while getting ready for special occasions.

For men, anything works (not really, but for them, at least!). But, women are particular about how they look and always aim to ensure that each and every accessory they put on, compliments their outfit. Hence, putting on wrong jewelry is not an option at all!

   Here are few tips that will help you pick the right jewel for any occasion:

If you have short neck, go for small earrings. Diamonds studs are the best option for such people.

If you have longer neck, go for dangling chandelier earrings.

If you are fat and you have a fat neck, you must not wear jewels close and tight to your neckline. You must opt for longer chain neckpieces.

Women with slim neckline can go for any type of jewelry style. Rings, diamond bracelets, neckpieces can easily suit on slim women.

Last and most essential tip is that you must research well. Through research will help you find fine jewelry options that will suit you the most and beautify your appearance.

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