Do you know which jewel would suit you the most

Women can spend hours and hours on getting dolled-up. Among everything else, jewel selection is one big challenge, ladies generally have to deal with, while getting ready for special occasions.

For men, anything works (not really, but for them, at least!). But, women are particular about how they look and always aim to ensure that each and every accessory they put on, compliments their outfit. Hence, putting on wrong jewelry is not an option at all!

   Here are few tips that will help you pick the right jewel for any occasion:

If you have short neck, go for small earrings. Diamonds studs are the best option for such people.

If you have longer neck, go for dangling chandelier earrings.

If you are fat and you have a fat neck, you must not wear jewels close and tight to your neckline. You must opt for longer chain neckpieces.

Women with slim neckline can go for any type of jewelry style. Rings, diamond bracelets, neckpieces can easily suit on slim women.

Last and most essential tip is that you must research well. Through research will help you find fine jewelry options that will suit you the most and beautify your appearance.

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