Three most popular and elegant jewel settings!

The setting not only keeps the stone in place and protects it; but also allows the diamond to give off the best effects. Look at three most common settings.

The first type is bezel, which fully encircles the stone by metal. It makes the jewel look extremely elegant, with simple and clean lines. Bezel setting can go with all types of jewels and cuts. Not only that, it is the safest setting as it keeps the stone fully protected.

Another common setting is prong. This one is highly popular and mostly used in diamond rings. A typical design will have four prongs, but more prongs can be incorporated as well for additional security. Prong allows a good amount of light to touch the stone that creates an amazing effect. However, this is not the best choice when it comes to security of stone.

A very unique setting, channel is an amalgam of bezel and prong. It incorporates the maximum light feature of prong while offering the safety of bezel. In a channel setting, a row of stones is embedded in the metal, curving up and around the stone, creating a groovy effect. This provides excellent security to the main diamond.

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