The most versatile of all styles of rings – solitaire

The literal meaning of word solitaire is one. A solitaire diamond doesn’t have accent stones, side stones, or gem embellishments. The most prominent feature that best describes this ring style is that it has only one diamond placed on the band.

Buy engagement rings onlineThe glitter and brilliance of the rock is not shared with any other smaller diamonds. The stone dominates the beauty of the entire ring, and is the sole reason of its brilliance and elegance.

Another essential feature that makes a solitaire ring stand out is its setting. The stone is embedded on the metal band in a way which puts the brilliance of the stone at the forefront making it look all the more prominent.

The most common settings used for making a solitaire ring are prong and bezel. The reason why these settings are used is because they allow the light to fall directly on the stone in a way that allows maximum illumination.

When it comes to engagement rings, solitaire remains a timeless and classic option. Through the years, it will continue to look ageless, and can be passed down to coming generations. This style of ring is so popular that many Hollywood celebrities can be spotted wearing solitaire rocks.

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