Three most popular and elegant jewel settings!

The setting not only keeps the stone in place and protects it; but also allows the diamond to give off the best effects. Look at three most common settings.

The first type is bezel, which fully encircles the stone by metal. It makes the jewel look extremely elegant, with simple and clean lines. Bezel setting can go with all types of jewels and cuts. Not only that, it is the safest setting as it keeps the stone fully protected.

Another common setting is prong. This one is highly popular and mostly used in diamond rings. A typical design will have four prongs, but more prongs can be incorporated as well for additional security. Prong allows a good amount of light to touch the stone that creates an amazing effect. However, this is not the best choice when it comes to security of stone.

A very unique setting, channel is an amalgam of bezel and prong. It incorporates the maximum light feature of prong while offering the safety of bezel. In a channel setting, a row of stones is embedded in the metal, curving up and around the stone, creating a groovy effect. This provides excellent security to the main diamond.

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Debunking the myth: Bracelets are only meant for women

The first thing that pops up when we think about bracelets is the delicate wrist of a beautiful matron. Then why do men’s diamond bracelets exist at all?

Not only do they exist but they are available in the most precious metals and gemstones, including diamonds.
Diamonds have typically been a woman’s best friend, right?

Well, yes! But, men too have fashioned diamonds for a long time. Historically and in the current date, men’s jewelry symbolizes personality, persona, affluence and not flamboyance or femininity.

If anything, they can make a man’s wrist appear more masculine than it does without when it’s bare. The design, color scheme, and overall appeal of every piece are all very appealing and all man.

Not just that, men gets to showcase a piece of their individuality by wearing it on their wrist. Every piece has its own presence and adds to the outlook of the wearer in its own unique way.

So, if you are a man, looking to treat himself to something shiny and expensive, or a woman who wants to show some love and affection to her guy, don’t be shy…browse bracelets!

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Create a unique style statement with hued diamonds!

Diamond jewels come in a plethora of options, styles, and colors. Starting from colourless to black, brown and deep blues, options are many. Brown-hued or better known as the chocolate diamonds are beginning to gain quite the popularity as the preferred type used in jewelry settings today.

Although colorless or clean diamonds have always been the preferred choice among buyers, colored ones are also becoming famous. Diamonds occurs naturally in wide variety of colors. Blue and red are the rarest ones which explain why they often fetch quite the high price. Brown ones on the other hand are more common ones and hence cost the least of all.

With constantly changing trends, fashion is embracing earth toned diamonds. To meet the changing fashion demands producers are making more of warm shaded stones which looks extremely attractive, trendy and fashionable. For those who are obsessed with brown colored jewelries, chocolate diamonds will do the best. It looks as appealing as the name itself sounds.

Chocolate diamonds come in various hues from deep brown to light champagne. Unusual and unique color contrast is their selling points making them extremely fashionable. The most common and popular setting would comprise a large brown diamond surrounded by many small colorless ones.

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Beautify your arm with sparkling bracelets!

If you are a diamond lover, you have number of options to choose from different types of diamond jewelry. Addition of sparkling colourful gems in gold, silver, or other metal ornaments is an attractive advancement to the conventional ornaments.

Diamond bangle bracelets are among the various types of jewelry options available in contemporary jewelry market. The unique feature of wearing this adornment is that it adds elegance to the overall outer appearance of the wearer. Additionally, this type of jewelry is perfect to wear on any occasion and with any type of attire.

If you are looking buy a diamond studded bangle bracelet, there are number of things that you must consider to customize it within your budget. More the number of gems framed in the bracelet, more will be the cost. Additionally, the clarity and fine cuts on gem them sparkling shine, but they also add to the cost. Fine cuts directly proportional to the reflections a gem gives.

There are numerous colors are available in stones. You can choose colors as per your needs. Even, bracelet with multi-colored stones is also in fashion. You can also choose white diamonds for white gold metal base.

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5 reasons why you should buy engagement rings online!

Your engagement day will remain one of the most important days your life, and that of your soon to be wife/husband.
Obviously, you want to get everything right, and the actual ring is a very significant part of the whole thing.

Here are 5 reasons why you should buy engagement rings online:

You need more time- You would be super busy around that time, and have much to do. Coordinating between the caterer, flower guy, inviting guests and what not! Why waste time, going to a jewelry store when you can just order the design sitting at home?

There are no drawbacks-Online jewelry stores have everything physical stores do, if not more.

You can get everything else too-In addition to rings, you can buy earrings, necklaces, etc. for your big day as well!

It is cheaper-Online retailers save on expenses such as rent, and maintenance, which is why their mark up prices are substantially lesser.

It is much more convenient -You can order a ring in a matter of a few minutes. There will be no queues, no pesky sales clerks, and the option to choose from all the available designs, peacefully.

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Find diamond jewelers you can keep going back to

Diamond jewelry is something that gets the attention of everybody, especially women. Regardless of whether they own it, wish to own it, or wish to absorb a part of the glory of a fine piece of jewelry that someone else is wearing, it does indeed always get attention.

Finding good jewelers is the hard part. Good ones provide a wide array of designs at affordable prices, and never disappoint their patrons.

Just knowing that there is someone that understands you and who synchronizes with you at a creative level, is worth a lot.
This is why; you should seek for jewelers that you can keep going back to. Resorting to new one each time is almost like starting over. The idea of establishing rapport right from the beginning and finding someone that actually makes jewelry that appeals to you is great!

The internet would be a good place the start digging and looking up for reliable providers. There are actually a number of advantages associated with buying jewelry from an online diamond jewelry store. It is time efficient, cost efficient, and much more convenient.

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How many pieces of diamond jewelry do you own?

Her jewelry collection is often the most prized possession of a girl. If you ask every woman, most of them would tell you exactly the number of rings, necklaces, and bracelets they own. Despite the fact that it is not a competition, if a woman owns more jewelry than her friends, it becomes a matter of pride to some extent.

But, the number is not important. What is important is that you own remarkable jewelry that actually gets you the attention of everyone around you, you so deserve and long for.

What you need is a good source of diamond jewelry from where you can get all kinds of designs for rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings at affordable prices.

Diamonds are available in different colors, sizes, cuts, and so on. Two people may have completely different choices, so the quality of a supplier boils down to the variety available with him.

If you manage to find even one such quality supplier, you can add something new to your existing collection, frequently. You can even treat yourself to a new piece of jewelry on every special occasion.

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Wear a diamond pendant to look your best

If you are a diamond lover, there are wide array of options available for you to choose from. You can wear sparking diamonds in the form of bracelets, earrings, studs, cufflinks, rings, and pendants. The selection of the type of the diamond ornament depends upon your likes and dislikes.

For example, if you are a religious person you can choose to wear cross pendant whereas if you want to keep your precious moments along with you in the form of picture, you can go for heart shaped pendants. Whatever option you choose to go with, diamond studded in heart shaped and cross pendants add more the beauty of your neck.

The unique feature of diamonds is that they add elegance and style to the personality of the wearer. As we all know, diamonds are the symbol of royalty and fertility, many people have misconception that they are only meant for rich.

I would like to inform you that there are number of options that allow you to personalize your pendant within your pocket size. The number of diamonds, their shape, cuts, and color, all you can choose depending upon your choice and budget.

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3 reasons why you should buy jewelry online ?

Buying online diamond jewelry is a growing trend. If you’ve never bought jewelry online, here are three reasons why should consider changing your mind:

1. It’s cheaper- Online stores are much cheaper than actual physical stores. Online retailers save up on several fronts like rent, electricity, human resources, and so on. This reflects in their prices, and the customers get to enjoy the benefits.

2. It’s smarter- Why leave the house, when you can get everything you want sitting at home? Save time, effort, money and buy everything you need to buy sitting right at home. You can browse the available designs and get a good idea of what they really look like. Not to mention, you can compare prices of different brands, or different segments of the same brand.

3. It’s completely safe- When the idea of shopping online was new, people were skeptical about trusting a third party with confidential information like their credit card number or even their home address. Over the years online shopping websites have gain more prominence and become a vital part of our lives. They are completely safe and reliable.

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Diamond pendants for women-The ultimate gift of love

Not that a woman would say no to any kind of diamond jewelry but diamond pendants for woman are the ultimate gift for them, no matter what the occasion. Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and especially anniversaries are a great time to present your woman with a pendent.

As soon as she lays her eyes on the pendant, she’d know that it’s a special occasion, and feel your love reflect in her favorite gemstone.

Buying affordable diamond jewelry is well within your reach, and you don’t even need to have a thorough understanding of diamonds or jewelry in general. You can easily browse any online store, and select a design that you find, the most appealing.

What more can you ask for, when you’re getting a chance to bring a smile on the face of someone that means so much to you, without even stepping out of the house?

Get browsing right now and explore diamond pendants! You will surely find one that you fall head over heels for!

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