1. I have reservations about online shopping. Can you guarantee the absolute safety of delivery and money transfer?

Buying online is in essence no different from buying from a catalogue or ordering from the Shopping Channel. Except that e-commerce has taken the shopping experience leaps beyond the traditional forms of remote shopping in terms of efficiency and speed. As with catalogue shopping, reliability is essential.

S&M Universal Jewelry has grown out of an association of gem and jewelry experts with decades-long proven track records of reliability. We recognize the need for customers to feel entirely reassured of the dependability of online shopping on our site and as a result we have set several safety mechanisms in place on bangkokgemhouse.com. We employ the services of trustworthy third parties for shipping and payment purposes, specifically FedEx Express Mail Delivery and Escrow.com, the Internet's most reliable third-party money transfer site. (For details please kindly refer to User's Guide). In addition, we offer a complimentary 2-day inspection period, which empowers our customers to examine their purchase following delivery with no obligation to buy, as well as an additional 30-day money return guarantee (details in User's Guide).

2. Can you consistently deliver the high quality goods you display on your site?

Yes. Above all else, S&M Universal Jewelry is about quality. As connoisseurs of exquisite gemstones and jewelry, we make thorough and painstaking inspections on every single one of the selections that we offer for sale. To do any less would be a betrayal of our deep-felt love of gems. Primarily operating out of Bangkok, the world center of colored gemstones, we handle the best specimens of rubies, sapphires and innumerable other gemstones. Fortuitously, Thailand is also one of the globe's leading producers of discriminating jewelry designs at very competitive prices. Accordingly, we have first-hand access to the best of both worlds: the world of gemstones and the world of jewelry. When you buy on S&M Universal Jewelry, you buy something truly special. (As a guarantee of quality, we provide a gemological Authenticity Certificate attached to every gemstone you purchase from us.)

3. How about your prices?

Because we are right here at the very source of most gemstones, we are in the excellent position to offer you the best quality for the best prices. As far as we are concerned, artificial pricing and excessive markups had best be consigned -- and fast! -- to the wastepaper basket of yesterday's profit-driven business memos in the trade of gems. Beautiful gems are valuable, to be sure, but we see no reason why customers should pay far more than the gems' actual market values. Accordingly, most gems on S&M Universal Jewelry sell for five, ten, fifteen times cheaper than their normal appraisal value in North America and Europe!

Should you have other questions, please kindly check back regularly to this page as we are constantly updating it according to new customer queries that reach our customer support department. You can also send an email to staff@smujewelry.com.

4. How can GemCart help me in terms of inventory?

By joining forces with the top of the industry professionals, the total inventory will be a huge "e-commerce supermarket" where one can find anything and everything from gemstone to books about gems, all under one umbrella.

5. Can I sell my merchandise on this website?

You will be asked to approach the Board of the Alliances to present your merchandise and a proposal and the Alliances will get back to you.

6. Can I make money selling other peoples products?

Absolutely! That is the beauty of this program. The inventory is there for you to sell and enjoy the commissions.

7. Can my clients make money by selling other peoples' merchandise?

Yes. That is what is behind the philosophy of GemCart, to give people the chance to sell various merchandise from our inventory.

8. How can GemCentral help better sell my inventory?

Since we pooled together from the top gem and jewelry corporations, your inventory will be the richest and the best assortment of items that you can get under one umbrella.

9. I don't know anything about gemstones, can I still sell?

You certainly can. Become our member and we will guide you step by step through the process. All you need to do is source out the people that you think would be interested in buying and we do the rest by providing you a website that will assist you with all your needs.

10. How much money do I need to invest ?

There is absolutely no investment on your part. All you need is to set yourself some time to connect with potential dealers, buyers or agents and we will do the rest for you. It's as easy as that!

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