Privacy Policy


We are dedicated to keeping all personal information that you share with us entirely confidential and electronically secure. Our sole purpose in requesting personal details from customers is to assist us in billing and ordering delivery procedures as well as to enable us to custom-tailor our services to individual needs for greater customer benefits in future transactions.

Our Privacy Policy has been designed to reflect our commitment to combining the finest products and services with the highest level of integrity in preserving your confidentiality. Our Policy also provides guidelines as to how we collect, store, and use data about our customers. For details, please refer to the individual subsections below.

We guarantee that we will not by any means distribute or share with any third party our customers personal information.

Future Changes in Our Privacy Policy

We will periodically update our privacy statement to reflect new regulations and developments concerning online privacy safeguards. We will also respond to customer requests in privacy matters and will prominently display on this page any significant material changes to this statement reflecting our use of personal data.

We kindly encourage you to revisit this page occasionally in order to stay informed of our continued and dedicated efforts to protect your privacy.

How And Why We Collect Personal Information

In the event of customer orders, we will request such personal details as your name, mail delivery address, billing address, e-mail address, credit card number as well as card's expiration date. We collect such information in order to enable us to :

Process your order;
Verify your identity for payment authorization
Contact you regarding your order status
Deliver your order
Qualify you as a Club Member or VIP Buyer for special discounts
Update you on new acquisitions and special offers (upon request)
Tailor to your special requirement an enhanced shopping experience.

When we receive your name and address for billing and delivery purposes, we will relay this information to your credit card company, if applicable, for confirmation to complete your purchase. We will also supply your shipping information to a third-party mail delivery service: Federal Express (unless otherwise requested). Be assured, however, that we will not use your name and address for any purpose other than billing and order delivery. We will most definitely NOT reveal such details to mailing-list firms and other third parties.

Electronic Privacy Protection

We are fully committed to guarding such personal data as your name, address and credit card number transmitted to us electronically. For maximum electronic protection of your privacy, we use advanced encryption software and Web security technologies. Only parties responsible for processing your order will have access to your credit card and bank data. We keep constant supervision of our billing and order delivery operations and will ensure the safety of all private data required for such transactions.

Private Data Security Via "Contact Us"

Our "Contact Us" link allows customers personal access to us electronically or by regular mail. This access provides direct contact with one of our customer support associates who handles emails , letters and responds to any questions or requests by customers. We pay close attention to all customer correspondence and refer to comments constantly in our ongoing improvements of our online services. We may store relevant comments and may display them in our special section for customer feedback with the prior agreement of our correspondent.

Exception to Privacy Protection

We reserve the right to disclose personal information when so required by law. In the event of unauthorized use of your credit card, you must notify your credit card company in accordance with its existing rules and applicable procedures for credit card fraud.

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