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The weight of a diamond provides further information for the valuation of a diamond besides cut, clarity, and color. The weight is measured in carats (ct). One carat is equal to 200mg or 1/5 gram. Very small diamonds are measured in points. One point equals 0.01 carats. For example, 0.25 ct is 25 points. The price is directly affected by the weight of the diamond. As seen in the chart left, the price increases as the weight grows larger.

When trying to estimate the weight of a diamond, if you can measure the diameter of the diamond (assuming it is a round cut diamond), you can use the table below to figure out the approximate weight.

Diameters and Their Weights
Weight in Carats
Diameters in Millimeters
Diameter in Inches
0.01 ct
1.3 mm
0.03 ct
2.0 mm
0.05 ct
2.4 mm
0.10 ct
3.0 mm
0.15 ct
3.4 mm
0.20 ct
3.8 mm
0.25 ct
4.1 mm
0.33 ct
4.4 mm
0.50 ct
5.1 mm
0.75 ct
5.9 mm
1.00 ct
6.5 mm
1.50 ct
7.4 mm
2.00 ct
8.2 mm

NOTE: These images are not an exact representation of the corresponding carat sizes

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